Leonard J. Currie


Leonard and Virginia Currie at the entrance of Currie House II, Blacksburg, Virginia.

Leonard Currie, FAIA, (1913 - 1996) headed the Virginia Tech architecture program, in Blacksburg, Virginia, from 1956 to 1962, where he was a seminal figure in shaping the future of the program. After Currie’s death in 1996, his daughter left his slide collection with Virginia Tech. The collection comprises 13,000 original slides chronicling his career in remarkable detail from studying with Gropius and Breuer at Harvard, through heading an Organization of American States program for low-cost housing in Bogotá, heading architecture programs at Virginia Tech and the University of Illinois at Chicago, and then settling into private practice in Blacksburg.

Currie Houses

Currie built three houses for his family, one in Six Moon Hill, Massachusetts (1949) and two in Blacksburg (1961 and 1982), He renovated one in Chicago (1966). Virginia Currie, his wife, also educated as an architect, doubtless consulted on their design. She received credit for the interior design of Currie House II in Blacksburg.

Currie House, Six Moon Hill, Lexington, Massachusetts

Currie House I

Currie House, Chicago

Currie House II


Leonard Currie was the founding director of CINVA, a community development program in Colombia initiated by the Organization of American States in 1951. CINVA worked with the local population to alleviate severe housing shortages in urban and rural Colombia by designing new communities and developing construction methods that people could use to build their own houses. The CINVA team was international. They trained young Colombian professionals to expand and continue their work. This collection includes material from Bogotá and Boyacá.

The CINVA building in Bogotá was designed by CINVA staff, including Guillermo de Roux (design), Leonard Currie (landscape architect and construction captain), and others.

CINVA Building

Bogotá Neighborhoods


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Leonard J. Currie