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The Virginia Tech University Libraries Digital Imaging and Preservation Services (DI&PS) supports the digitization and description of collections of documents, materials, artifacts, and specimens that support the research, education, and outreach mission of Virginia Tech. This service is subsidized by the University Libraries and is available to collection curators, archives, museums, libraries, non-profit organizations, societies, and local governments.

We will digitize print, handwritten documents, film transparencies, print photographs, 3-dimensional artifacts, scientific specimens, and microfilm. We are not currently equipped for microscopy, and we cannot work with hazardous materials unless the partner makes arrangements to ensure safety of material and personnel in an appropriate setting.  We will not work with materials that support obscene, libelous, indecent, or defamatory content, or materials that are under copyright without permission of the owner.

There is no minimum collection size for consideration so long as it fits in with our collection strategy.

Requests for projects that exceed our capacity to complete in a timely fashion may be denied unless the requestor can provide additional funding to support the hiring and training of additional staff or the purchase of additional equipment.

Interested parties should email Nathan Hall (nfhall@vt.edu) to request a consultation about whether the digitization service is appropriate for their collection or project.

You will work closely with the staff from Digital Imaging and Preservation Services team to develop your project. In all cases, you will need to complete the following Partnership Agreements with the assistance from the DI&PS staff before we digitizing your project.